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  1. Evelin Lindner talking

    On Dignity and Humiliation (Talk by Evelin Lindner, 2018)

    Annual open lecture at the Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo in Norway, 2nd March 2018 Video recording (90 min) available at YouTube or UiO. From terrorism, war, and genocide to hatefully polarized societies to bullying and domestic...

  2. Photo of Donald C. Klein

    Works of Donald C. Klein

    Donald C. Klein (August 10, 1923 - June 8, 2007) was an eminent member of the HumanDHS teams. His foundational contributions are described at the HumanDHS website. This collection at ResearchGate shows some of his publications.

  3. bookshelf

    Selected publications pertaining to dignity and humiliation

    At the website of the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies network, Evelin Lindner has collected a list of selected publications pertaining to dignity and humiliation.

  4. Seeking Real Good

    What is 'real'? What is 'good'. Video produced and presented by Lee Beaumont. See more about it on his Wikiversity pages.  

  5. part of book cover 'Lost in Thought'

    Dignilogue Recording: The Dignity of an Intellectual Life for All

    A recording of this WDUi event has now been posted to YouTube:

  6. Photo of female speaker

    Advancing Human Rights, Worldwide

    Video about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the need to advance human rights everywhere on the globe. Produced by Lee Beaumont. See more at his Wikiversity page.

  7. Girl with tablet at school

    Dignity and the Internet: A Study of Young People's Response

    From the conclusions of this paper: Although young people have a high sense of respect and concerns in regard with matters of dignity in their real life, when they use communication technology and the internet, they consider threats far less dangerous...

  8. Students and indigenous teachers meeting in the Amazon rain forest

    The Amazon Project

    WDU initiative: Co-creating sustainability in the Amazon rain forest with the indigenous community of Rio Blanco Mariana Vergara presents the participatory action research project 'Mindfulness into Action'.

  9. A gathering in the Ecuadorian rainforest at Ruku Kausay

    WDU Initiative in the Amazon rainforest: A Transformational Learning Experience

    This is the first of a series of articles by Mariana Vergara about her project 'Mindfulness into Action', which brings students from New York to the Amazon rainforest at Ruku Kausay, to give them the opportunity to learn from indigenous teachers about...

  10. World Dignity University Description

    In 2010, Evelin Lindner and Linda Hartling, together with other co-founders, presented plans for a World Dignity University initiative. In Part I, they lay out their vision of Building Equal Dignity through Excellence in Scholarship. Toward this goal...

  11. Ragnhild Nilsen and Evelin Lindner

    Videos About the Concept underlying the World Dignity University Initiative

    At YouTube, you can find a large selection of short videos about the WDU concept. Please go to www.youtube.com, search for: "World Dignity University" and enjoy watching!

  12. Video message from former UNESCO Secretary General Federico Mayor Zaragoza

    The former UNESCO General Secretary Federico Mayor Zaragoza expresses his support of the World Dignity University in this. The message was recorded for the launch of the WDU initiative on June 24, 2011 at the University in Oslo.

  13. Ragnhild Nilsen and Evelin Lindner

    Ragnhild Nilsen (a.k.a. Arctic Queen) interviews Evelin Lindner

    In this interview, Evelin Lindner explains the idea of the World Dignity University. Please find the video here: YouTube interview When searching at YouTube for "World Dignity University", you will find a large selection of short videos about many...

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