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The founders of the World Dignity University initiative strongly believe that humankind only has a future if equal human dignity for all is achieved. Everywhere in the world it becomes visible that violations of human dignity jeopardize our future. The WDU was founded to spread knowledge about the dangers of humiliation and about the global potential for a better future, based upon equal dignity in solidarity for us all.

Currently we do not offer academic grades. WDU is not an accredited academic institution. We use the term 'university' in its original meaning, 'universitas magistrorum et scolarium' or 'community of teachers and scholars'. Accordingly, the WDU concept covers a wide range of knowledge and cultural traditions. The curriculum is still in development, please come back later to see details.

We plan to offer most of our courses for free.

Yes, cou can. If you are interested to teach or to learn in the fields of human dignity and humiliation, we are happy to get to know you. Please use our contact form.