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Boat on the Amazon

World Dignity University Amazonian Branch in the Rainforest of Ecuador
The videos you see further down were created on in the Ruku Kausay branch of the World Dignity University initiative located in the community of Rio Blanco in the Amazonian part of Ecuador. The Grefa family, an extended indigenous Kichwa family, has developed ecotourism as a way to preserve their sacred rainforest lands and culture for over 20 years.

Ruku Kausay (pronounced "roo- koo - kow - sigh") means "wisdom of the ancestors" in the indigenous Kichwa language. Ruku Kausay invites into experiencing the wisdom of the rainforest and the authentic culture and traditions of its people. The Grefa family has practiced the shamanic healing traditions of its people for generations, see also their video Ruku Kausay Eco Lodge.
Please see here some still photos from Andrew's camera, from Mariana's camera, and from Evelin's camera.
See also:
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Four videos were  created on the 6th and 7th of July 2012 at the Ruku Kausay World Dignity University Amazonian Branch in the rainforest of Ecuador:
• 01 Tayler Mulcahy and Andrew McInnis Present their Participatory Action Research (PAR) at Ruku Kausay, Amazonian Ecuador
• 02 Mariana Vergara on Building Dignity in the Amazon Systemically: From Idea to Reality - Manifesting the World Dignity University Amazonian Branch in the Rainforest of Ecuador
• 03 Ruku Kausay, Amazonian Ecuador: Evelin Lindner Invites to an Afternoon Strall
• 04 Agustin Grefa's Ancient Knowledge and the World Dignity University Initiative