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Planned for 2023


In considering the potential roles of the World Dignity University, Evelin Lindner and others have invoked the original origins and meanings of the term “university,” harkening back to a time before institutions of higher learning were organized around departments, credits, and degrees.

With those notions as a prod, I suggest a limited enrollment discussion session (1) that directs participants to do some homework before the program, examining schools, programs, and organizations whose work provides potential examples for ours; and (2) then gathers us together to discuss possibilities for organizing programs for WDU and related organizations via non-credit, continuing education formats. These inspirations include:

  • Ancient schools and libraries;
  • Current universities and schools that offer non-credit, adult education courses, in-Old and New: Non-Degree Higher and Adult Learning to Advance Human Dignity person and online;
  • Salons and study circles; and,
  • Self-directed learning initiatives.

More specifically:

Salons and study circles