Reading: "Tribes for brewing ideas and engaging in positive change"

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Reading: "Tribes for brewing ideas and engaging in positive change"

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Several years ago, I posted a piece to my professional blog titled "Tribes for brewing ideas and engaging in positive change." It gave a brief history of how "genius clusters" have emerged in various parts of the world, resulting in various intellectual breakthroughs, and then speculated whether the same could be done via communities enabled largely by digital technology.

I think it raises some interesting questions for how this community of educators, scholars, artists, advocates, healers, students, and practitioners from many walks of life and from many parts of the globe can help to create needed change around the concept and practice of dignity.

Here's the link: ... ve-change/

David Yamada
David Yamada
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Re: Reading: "Tribes for brewing ideas and engaging in positive change"

Post by lhartling »

Thanks so much for sharing your article, dear David!

I was tickled to see Christina Robb's book mentioned. The book was completed during the last year of Jean Baker Miller's life so your article brought me back to many wonderful memories of my experience working with Jean.

One of the fundamental features of Jean's leadership was her unshakeable humility, often in the face of many big academic and professional egos. In my view, this was key to creating a relational climate of encouragement for people to grow ideas through thoughtful dialogue, rather than through combative debate or domination of a conversation.

Her humility was never about modesty, but about knowing the truth of who she was without striving to hold some position above others. I'm so glad you reminded me of Jean's practice of humility! I see humility as a relational superpower for "learning our way to a future of dignity."

Also, I'm with you when you say, "With these technologies, I would like to think that tribes of smart, devoted, hardworking, and well-meaning people can overcome physical distance to make a positive difference together." I want us to head in that direction!

Thank you for your leadership!!!
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Re: Reading: "Tribes for brewing ideas and engaging in positive change"

Post by ulisp10 »

DavidYamada wrote: Wed Dec 14, 2022 3:42 pm ...
Here's the link: ... ve-change/
Thank you for sharing this motivating article. At the Commons Social Library I found a related activity, which apparently is very successful: ... ing-group/.
I recommend checking this. It may help to bring your idea to action.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela
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