An experiential activity for teaching dignity

Suggested by Beth Boynton
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An experiential activity for teaching dignity

Post by BethBoynton »

Hi Everyone!

I want to share an activity called "Dignity Exchange" that can be used to provide positive experiences of feeling dignity for self and others. It could be used with any group or team and repeated with different partners over time. This link will lead you to instructions and video demos and you everything you need to teach it. It can be a visceral experience for some folks.

It is best for in-person groups and quite impactful in workshops for teaching communication, DEIB, and other relational stuff. I'm happy to answer questions and would love to hear:

1. How do you teach dignity?
2. If you decide to use "Dignity Exchange", how did it go?

Thanks and take care,
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Re: An experiential activity for teaching dignity

Post by DavidYamada »

Beth, thanks so much for posting this!

Food for thought: The possibility of gathering others who are interested in improv and other "live" programming work for dignity, health, etc., in an ongoing discussion group, if such a forum does not already exist.

Take care, and thanks again for adding this.
David Yamada
WDUi Director
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